What would you like to know?

A list of the most common questions. Is your question here? If not, email us at info@lemodi.com. We will be happy to help you.

What is modular furniture?

lemodi furniture is designed in such a way that every model leads to a logical next model. You can continue building, using new elements and elements from the furniture you already own. This system of using elements to continue building is also known as modular.

It allows you to use elements for longer without throwing anything away. Our objective is to follow the entire life cycle. Beautiful furniture for everyone, from young to old.


Simplicity – Is assembling lemodi furniture really so easy?

All our furniture slots together using the unique lemodi connection system. This connection system is universal, enabling you to connect different elements together.

The wooden connections are extremely precise. This makes the assembled furniture sturdy but also easy to disassemble for storage, rebuilding or transport.


lemodi connection system

The patented lemodi wooden connection system was created in order to ensure the furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble, but is also sturdily constructed. In addition, we want the furniture to have a lifespan just as long as yours. Allowing you to enjoy it for a lifetime. To accomplish this, we looked for a way to make this feasible. No easy task, because wood is a natural product. This means that the thickness of the wood sometimes varies. Our lemodi connection system ensures that for years to come you will still be able to use the elements you purchase today for furniture you need in the future. Enjoy forever.


Safety – Is lemodi furniture safe?

Yes, lemodi furniture is completely safe. After all, children should grow up in a safe environment in which they can have fun playing without being exposed to danger. That’s why lemodi furniture has no sharp edges or angular points and it’s also why all the materials we use are free of hazardous substances. Both development and production of our furniture are completely in line with European guidelines for children’s furniture and have been declared safe.


How is the furniture produced?

All our furniture consists of elements containing a wooden core made of multiple layers of birch wood. The elements are sawn out of large sheets with computerized precision. The wooden core is finished with an attractive, high-quality veneer (HPL), available in several colours. This makes the furniture easy to clean and allows you to choose the colour you like best. The entire production process takes place in the Netherlands. From machine sawing to manual finishing and packaging.


What is the best way to clean lemodi furniture?

Where kids play, they make a mess. The materials are specifically selected to make them easy to clean after kids have had a wild time. The best way to clean the elements is with a damp cloth. If the dirt is tough to wipe off, use a small amount of detergent and rub the surface clean. Be careful about using sponges and scouring pads as this can cause tiny scratches. When in doubt, test it first on a section that is not visible.


Can I change or return products?

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with the products you receive, you can send them back. If you receive a damaged product we will also replace it. Go to our Returns policy page to read about how we manage returns.


What are your delivery times?

We try to deliver as much as possible from stock. That means you can expect to receive your order between one to three business days after completion of your payment. If it is going to take longer than three days, we will contact you to inform you.

Read more about how your order is sent and how to follow it, on the Sending & Delivery page.


Can I see the furniture in real life before I purchase it?

We are currently setting up partnerships with organizations that want to use our furniture and want to show it to their customers. To this end we have developed an affiliate programme. Read more about that on this page.

Affiliates could be stores but also hospitality establishments, gyms and other organizations where the furniture is used for practical purposes. In other words, where the furniture is actually used.

If you would like to register as an affiliate, you can do that here.

Until such time as there are physical locations where the furniture can be viewed, this website lemodi.com is the only place where you can view and purchase the furniture.


Other questions?

Email us at info@lemodi.com and we will be happy to help you.