lemodi is the result of a combination of creative minds and technical insights. Our company is all about craftsmanship. Craftsmanship consists of strong concepts, an eye for detail, the right choice of production processes and materials.

Endless possibilities

Our mission: lemodi – enjoy forever

lemodi enables furniture to become furniture with a story. “Furniture reminds us of certain periods in our life. Take for example a cradle. An item we would like to keep forever. At the same time, it’s a pity to leave it gathering dust in the attic. Using lemodi, you no longer have to part with it. We aim to design furniture that accompanies each new stage of life. Imagine how special it would be as an older person, to sit on a comfortable chair that contains parts of the cradle you once slept in,” says co-founder Bertil Klootwijk.


lemodi aims to reuse materials and lengthen product cycles. The often temporary nature of children’s furniture raised the question of whether there might be a smarter approach. The solution was what became lemodi: a furniture line that accompanies you throughout your life.

The furniture’s modular and interchangeable character offers a great deal of added value, both practically and emotionally. Elements from the cradle you once slept in can later be used to build, say, a wonderful cupboard for your books. Or how about that picnic table which you can transform into a wonderful little desk in the blink of an eye.

the reader - lemodi


lemodi products are designed first and foremost with the end-user in mind. So the first products in the ‘zero to five’ series, specifically for children, have a playful design and are built to have fun with and to encourage personal development. Observing, playing, learning and chilling.

The concepts are the result of sleek forms and choice of materials. The combination of round shapes, colour and birch plywood edges gives the furniture character. Soft, sleek and robust.


Innovation & Safety

We have worked with great care and precision to develop a connection system that is both sturdy and user-friendly. The patented lemodi connection system enables assembly and disassembly without the need for tools, screws or other assembly materials. And the furniture complies with European safety regulations for children’s furniture.

the reader - lemodi - innovative furniture design


We only use high-quality and child-friendly materials. The elements are made of birch plywood. The elements are finished with an HPL (synthetic) veneer, available in several colours.

The birch wood edges of the elements are sanded to velvety softness and treated with child-friendly oil that not only protects the wood from heat and moisture, but also creates an amazing look. The oil has a 0% VOC value which means it doesn’t release any solvents. This guarantees safety and environmental responsibility.

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